Procedural Storytelling Part Two

Updated as of November 9th, 2020


In a previous set of articles I broke down some different uses VFX was being used for outside of the film industry. In this series of articles I wanted to continue that process. So here are my next articles on visualization, VFX, 3D art, and scientific understanding. I hope you enjoy this part two, and who knows. This might spawn another series of tutorials. ;)

  1. Arenology - The Study of Sand and VFX: HERE

  2. Forestry, Preservation, and Visualization: HERE

  3. Mushroom Systems and Fungal Simulations: In Progress

  4. Super-fluids, Non-Newtonian fluids, and a Continuation of Fluid Dynamics: In Progress

  5. Osteology, Bones, and Visualizing Remains: In Progress

  6. Ecology and Further Visualization: In Progress

  7. Cosmochemistry and The Visualization of Matter in The Universe: HERE

  8. The Evolution of Forensic Visualizations and Simulations: In Progress

  9. Visualizing Marine Biology: HERE

  10. Phycology, Botany, and Computer Imaging: In Progress

  11. Imaging the Tiny world of Invertebrate Zoology: HERE

  12. Ichthyology, Fishing, and The Impact with the 3D Industry: In Progress

  13. Visualizing the Field of Bathymetry, and The Bottom of The Ocean Floor: HERE

  14. The Simulation of Autonomy in Space Robotics: In Progress

  15. A Journey through Aerostatic Simulations: HERE

  16. VFX and Astrobiology: HERE

  17. Mapping The Extinction of Species: In Progress

  18.  Building Simulations of the Human Brain: HERE

  19. Exploring the Simulations Software at the CERN Collider: HERE

  20. Jellyfish Physics, Facts, and Simulation Tricks: HERE

  21. Quantum Annealing With Houdini: In Progress

  22. Blackholes: Visualization and Houdini: In Progress

  23. Visualizing Time Through Liquid Crystal Displays, and Software: In Progress

  24. The Dynamics of Micro-Ecologies: In Progress

  25. Let's Talk about Teeth: Houdini/VFX Application: HERE

  26. The Physics of Sea Slugs and Using Houdini: In Progress

***When these pages are all complete I will be publishing condensed PDFs, which will make the process of reading this more easier. I will link them below when ready. 

Summarized PDFs

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