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Youtube channels

Houdini (good for learning video game tool development):

VFX Hive:(Houdini/Arnold/Redshift):

Yoeri -Luos- Vleer (Unreal engine particle fx + advanced learning):

Nine Between. (Houdini, Zbrush, and procedural modeling):…/UCRVaHP-vsYOeuZnn2DTutpQ/videos

Autodesk 3ds Max Learning Channel (Max):

Junichiro Horikawa(Advanced Houdini, and VEX):

Adams Digital Academy(Houdini Basics):

Anastasia Opara(advanced Houdini, and Unreal):



Entagma(Intermediate Houdini to Advanced):

lesterbanks(Compositing, after effects, Houdini, Nuke, etc):

CGWiki(Everything CG):(or Houdini..)

Joy of VEX:

Sidefx Tutorials:

Andras Kiraly :

Rohan Dalvi :

Florian Bard :

Daily.hip :

Jimmy Gunawan :

Cut And - Kangji Yoong :

flexmonkey :

VFX Brain :

Niklas Rosenstein  :



Entagma(Intermediate Houdini to Advanced):

Ben Watts Design:(Houdini, Motion Graphics)

Rohan Dalvi (Houdini):

Tim van Helsdingen(Houdini):


Facebook Groups:

Houdini Artists:


Tyflow(The 3Ds Max wild child):


Houdini Masters Zone:


Hope this helps and have fun!

External VFX Resources

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