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Workflow and Deleting Attributes in Houdini

Blog Entry #1. November 30th, 2019



Hi .So today I'd thought I'd talk about the Attribute Delete node, and some overall uses of attributes for improving your workflow.


I think we can all relate to hating our long render times. As well as the forsaken cache times. One helpful tip I'll be sharing with you today is about removing attributes that will reduce your cache, render and simming times. Before I go to sim anything out, I always add an attribute delete before my cache node or afterwards. Then inside the node I chose which attributes I would like to remove, and keep the remaining ones that I might be using later.



Not only does this help the caches sim out, but it also helps my files load up faster. The heavier the project, the more of these I add. Along with more caches. Whenever you create a DOP or a POP net, a ton of attributes are created in the process. Age, force, dead, etc. Keep an eye on these. Depending on where your simulation is heading, the more or less of these you'll need. The last thing you need is overlapping attributes. So keep an eye on that as well.

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